If you have heard it once, you have heard it a million times...


The human body is 60% water! During the day we lose this water through sweat, urine and even breathing. Our water intake is essential in compensating for this loss. Now this is easier said than done, I personally find I forget to drink water some days or just the bare minimum. Truthfully, 1 litre/ 8 glasses of water is A LOT [or NOT ENOUGH] and realistically no one is sitting around counting how many glasses you actually drink in a day.

My solution to this? Water. Bottle.

Easy to fill up, refill and reuse! Most water bottles tell you how much they can take, so you know how much you are drinking in one fill. If you are like me and forget to drink water, get one! And try and drink ONLY from your water bottle, sure you will be the only one at the table with a huge 2.2L water bottle, but at least you are getting your daily water intake! Find water bleh? get a fruit infuser one and add your favourite fruits for flavoured water.

Our skin is a compilation of several cells and these cells NEED water to function properly. Some of the benefits of drinking water for your skin include;

1) Moisture: Water essentially keeps your skin moisturised and hydrated from within.

2) Anti-Aging: Moist hydrated skin does not easily wrinkle or crease. Water keeps your skin soft, supple and super youthful!

3) Improved digestive system: Your body can efficiently and quickly get rid of toxins from the body that can cause breakouts. Leaving you with clear, healthy glowing skin.

4) Closed pores: Splashing cold water after a warm wash, seals and tightens our pores. Closed pores can not get clogged=reduced acne.

5) Cell Regeneration: Water aids in cell regeneration, healing scars or any damage to the skin.

Water is the best [Non-]product for your skin and can be used alongside other products to keep your skin #hydrated. Climate can seriously affect your skin, usually for the worst. I was recently in Johannesburg, where there is no humidity [Zero water vapours] so the air is super dry and the altitude is high. My. skin.was.MAD and not in a good way. My face felt super tight, dry and my t-zone was producing enough oil to fry an egg. My daytime moisturiser [for combination skin] was just not giving me enough moisture no matter how much I used or how much water I drank! I needed to listen to my skin and give it that extra hydration it needed, so i switched to Eucerin.

If you are suffering from SUPER dry sensitive skin, try Eucerin! I first tried Eucerin on a flight. For reasons I do not know I decided to try a sample sized Origins high-potency night-a-mins cream, for the very first time on a long haul flight [DO NOT DO THIS]. My skin was furious! The product sucked all the moisture in my skin leaving it feeling dry, tight and irritated! Thankfully I had a stop-over and rushed to the nearest pharmacy looking for anything fragrance-free, super moisturising and gentle for my very irritated skin.

Eucerin Smoothing Face Cream with 5% Urea saved my skin then and again in Johannesburg! It is fragrance-free, colourant-free, non-comedogenic and gentle enough for very sensitive skin. It contains both Urea and Lactate, two very hydrating compounds that lock in moisture and hydrates very dry skin. I also used the UreaRepair PLUS Body Cream 5% Urea for the rest of my body.

In addition to my product change, I increased my water intake [I got a water bottle!] and started drinking coconut water, which is pretty AMAZING for your skin as well. Like water, coconut water can be used internally and externally as a cleanser/toner to fight acne [use on spots] and anti-aging [use all over face]. I also did moisturising masks and a very hydrating facial to get my skin back to it's hydrated glory.

I used the Korres Nectarine Rich Moisturising mask and MY *FAVE* D-I-Y Tumeric mask [recipe coming soon..]

If/when your skin feels dehydrated for whatever reason and you are drinking water it may be time for product changes and some hydrating face masks or treatments. When it comes to skin water is not the only way to keep it hydrated [Best, but not only way], products can be great help too! So try something richer in moisture, even just mixing your night cream with your day cream can be all the difference you need!

Always always #StayHydrated and your skin will be too!