Get Facial Steaming

I love LOVE steaming my face! I find it so soothing more than anything else. You've probably read and heard how steaming "opens your pores" I too was guilty of saying and believing this but the more I've delved into my passion of skincare I now know this is wrong.

PSA: Steaming DOES NOT open your pores! Your pores aren't doors to your skin, they do not open or close!

What steaming does is:

  • Soften the sebum of your skin, making extractions easier

  • Gets rid of the impurities in the skin, allowing for a deeper cleanse

  • Helps skin absorb skincare products better, meaning you get your money's worth when you use your skincare products after steaming

  • It's also super hydrating for your skin.

There are so many other benefits for facial steaming including promoting circulation, collagen, elastin production and helps with sinus congestion.

You really don't have to have a fancy facial steamer to steam your face, there are 2 easy ways (+ 1 Ghetto way) you can steam your face and get all the benefits at home without purchasing one online.

Facial steaming with a towel

You will need a clean face towel.

Run the towel under hot water, wring this out.

Place hot face towel on your face and relax

Do this a couple of times.

Facial steaming with a bowl

You are probably pretty familiar with this method and with the current global health situation, this method of steaming really helps in clearing up your airways, congestion as well as all the facial benefits.

You will need:

A bowl or bucket

Hot hot water

A big towel

Fill the bowl or bucket halfway with hot hot water, not lukewarm, hot. Place your face above the bowl and cover your head and bowl/bucket with towel.

Do this for about 5-10 minutes. Inhale and exhale deeply.

Watch my at home Tea Steam Facial here.

Facial steaming with a kettle (The Ghetto)

This isn't really a method at all and is most likely not approved by anyone. It's something I figured out in Uni as an alternative to purchasing a facial steamer (if you can afford it purchase the real thing or do the above 2 methods) This is absolutely GHETTO, but did the trick when I wanted that fresh steam on my face feeling.

You will need:

A kettle

Boil water in kettle and when steam starts coming out the spout, position it towards your face, NOT DIRECTLY IN FRONT (steam BURNS) You want to be far enough not to get burnt and close enough the steam lightly mists over your face.

Again I would 100% recommend you do the previous 2 method, NOT this, this was just something ghetto I did to steam my face in uni.

Steam from a warm shower will also soften your skin, just remember not too hot so you don't burn your skin and your delicate face.