5 Dark Spot Fading Products You Need

There is no magic trick or quick fix when it comes to getting rid of dark spots. They do not magically disappear overnight no matter how badly you want them to. Patience really is key when it comes to getting rid of them. It can take anywhere form 3-6 months for them to fade on their own.

However, if you're impatient and can't afford a medical grade chemical peel, there are some skincare products/ingredients you can add into your routine that can speed up the fading process, even your skin tone and get you glowing!

Here are the 5 Dark Spot fading products you need:

Vitamin C

Perfect for ALL skin types and tones. Vitamin C is a super effective antioxidant with so many skin benefits you want and need. It stops the production of excess melanin (what causes dark spots) so helps prevent and fade acne scars, melasma and dark spots. Using it in the morning helps prevent free-radical damage from UV rays and pollution to keep your skin glowy and healthy. The benefits don't stop there, over time it smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, making it not only a great brightening ingredient but an anti-aging one too.

Chemical Exfoliator

If you are really trying to fade your dark spots, you should already be using either a toner or serum with AHAs. Exfoliating is key in fading dark spots and revealing new skin. You want something with Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid or Mandelic Acid. Which acid you opt for depends on your skin type, if you're new to acids don't be scared just make sure to start with the lowest percentage concentration! Still not sure why you need this step read my last post on why you should be exfoliating.

Niacinamide Serum

Fast becoming one of my favourites, It helps brighten your complexion and lighten your dark spots as well as control your oil production (perfect if you have oily/acne prone skin), improves enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. It is a great addition to your skincare routine and can be used both morning and night.

Vitamin A

Aka Retinol or Retinoid, both are derivatives of vitamin A. This is great at fading dark spots by stimulating the turnover of skin cells and inhibiting excess melanin production. Retinol + Vitamin C= great dark spot fading duo. Vitamin A does cause some irritation but you can limit this by being strategic with application and starting with a derivative rather than prescription- only pure retinoic acid. It's also the gold standard anti-aging ingredient. To be applied at night only.


Prevention is better than cure. SPF 30 and above is ideal and re-applying every 2 hours is essential. You can use all the ingredients above or get a peel done that reveals glowy even tone skin, but if you are not protecting your skin from the sun, you are wasting your time and money. Protect your skin with sunscreen, don't make the dark spots worse!

Do not believe any product that promises you faded dark spots overnight, it takes time! Incorporating some if not all of these 5 products/ingredients will definitely speed things up to reveal an improved skin tone that is more even and glowing skin!