Qskin Skincare session at CLAN

A couple of weeks ago I had an Instagram live skincare session at the CLAN Marshmallow store [it’s on their IGTV - watch here ] and got to raid their skincare shelf! They currently stock Arami Essential products and curated Korean beauty sheet masks from Skin Library UK.

I went through my morning skincare routine, double masked, answered some skin Q’s. If you missed it don’t worry this post will sum everything up and you can watch the session now!

  • Morning Routine

  • How to double mask

  • Q&A

Morning Routine☀️ Cleanse-Tone-Treat- Eyes- SPF I ran through my typical morning routine, incorporating a product from the Marshmallow beauty shelf- The Arami Essential balancing rosewater toner Eden's Elixir and the cutest cotton headband from Skin Library UK

Cleanser: Aveeno Foaming cleanser

Toner: Arami Eden's Elixir (From Marshmallow skincare shelf)

Treat: Serums- Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum and The Ordinary 2% Salicylic Acid where I need as it blends seamlessly under makeup and doesn’t dry or leave any white marks that Benzoyl Peroxide usually does.

Eyes: No7 Early defence Eye Cream- Prevention is better than cure, ideally I like to use a brightening eye cream in the mornings but I’m out of my Origins GinZing eye cream, Ole Henriksen Banana bright eye cream is on my wish list.

SPF: I love love the Supergoop Unseen Spf 40 [see post about it here ] no white cast, blends well under makeup and non-comeodogenic.

Double Masking Can’t choose between a clay mask or a sheet? You don’t have to! Double mask! I love clay masks for the deep cleanse it gives my combination blemish prone skin and I love sheet masks for the high concentration serum it provides and immediate glow it gives... choosing which to use when I mask is usually a tough decision. Not at CLAN. I tried the Arami Purity Mask + Skin Library UK Blossom Jeju Dewy Firming mask for the first time.

When double masking always start with clay!

Mask 1 [Clay]: Purity Mask

Cleanse: Always start fresh

Exfoliate: Get rid of dead skin

Steam: To soften skin and open pores

Mix: The fun thing about clay is you can play around with the liquid you use and customise it to what your skin needs. Water, ACV, Rose water, Honey, Milk etc

Always use non metal instruments to mix I mixed this with water 💦 Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, if you’re impatient at least let it fully dry before you rinse it off.

Mask 2 [Sheet]: Dewy Firming Mask

Tone! You can use your toner now before the sheet mask Apply sheet mask and relax! Wait 15-20mins before you take it off.

Massage the excess serum into your neck, décolleté area and face... or better yet if you have one use your jade roller to really push the product in. Tip: Save the extra serum in the mask package in a ziplock in the fridge for later!

Q&A This bit was so much fun! I got so many skin Q's about various skin concerns with Hyper-pigmentation being the most common one.

Hyper-pigmentation is something I’m currently dealing with post-acne breakout.The key product on the day to treat was The Ordinary 8% Ascorbic Acid (fancy word for Vitamin C) & 2% Alpha Arbutin serum. Vitamin C brightens the skin, fades dark spots whilst Alpha Arbutin reduces melanin production. Exfoliating helps with hyper-pigmentation too, by taking off the dead skin and kick starting cell renewal. I’m into Chemical exfoliants mainly [Glycolic Acid is bae] but still occasionally dabble in a gentle physical one.

Sunscreen should be a staple in your day routine- It's the perfect anti-aging product you could have and helps in reducing hyper-pigmentation. UV rays damage your skin, causing an increased production in melanin, the extra melanin makes your skin darker. Now think about it if your skin is protected you will be reducing hyper-pigmentation and preventing your dark spots getting darker. win-win.

The store is gorgeous and the beauty shelf is well stocked! There's a variety of sheet mask for face, hands and feet! Plus they have been separated depending on your skin concern- Hyper-pigmentation? Acne? Dry skin? Your ideal sheet mask is labelled clearly for you. The Arami section has all their products plus the pretty pink Eden Elixir and Ivory [Rose & Vanilla] Body butter specially stocked at The Marshmallow.