#QT- Azeeza Sanni

Hectic few weeks but I'm back with another #QT! Incase you missed it #QTS (cuties) is a spotlight series on different people's skincare routine, with different skin issues or concerns. Celebrating everyone's skin, flaws and all.

My second #QT is a friend that has become family and basically my right hand, Azeeza! She has let me experiment with masks on her several times and was probably one of the first people I asked to be a part of this. If you follow Qskin on instagram you have probably seen her doing my Tumeric mask.

Azeeza has fairly sensitive and oily skin, prefers to use more natural products on her skin [She's the queen of D-I-Y] and like the last QT Chisara, [me especially right now!], struggles with acne scars.

My name is Azeeza Sanni, I’m from Nigeria and live in Mauritius. I am in my early 20s.

  • What’s your skin type?

I have sensitive oily skin

  • What are your skin concerns?

An overly shiny T-zone oilier than my already oily face, which tends to cause breakouts in those areas and issues with acne scars

  • How would you describe your skincare routine?

Quick and mostly natural.

  • Talk us through your skincare routine:

I recently discovered The Face Shop, a Korean beauty brand in Mauritius and bought some new products to add to my skincare routine. I didn't think I needed a serum because of my oily skin but everyone needs a serum!


  • I wash my face with the Face Shop Herbal Foaming Cleanser

  • D-I-Y Rosewater mixed with tea tree oil as my toner

  • Pure aloe vera gel as a moisturizer

  • Aveeno’s Positively Radiant face moisturizer to seal it all up

  • Vaseline on my lips and SPF last of all

The Banana Boat baby [Because if it's good enough for babies then 🤷🏽‍♀️] for everyday use and the Noreva SPF goes perfect under Makeup.


  • Once the day is done I use good old Dudu Osun to wash my face, sometimes mixing it in with Simple’s kind to skin smoothing facial scrub to exfoliate. Depending on if I wore makeup that day or not, if not its used twice a week

  • Followed by My D-I-Y Rose Water Toner on any problem spots

  • Then a Vitamin C serum

  • I moisturize with Nature Republic green tea emulsion

  • Whipped Raw shea butter to lock it all in

  • and castor oil on my brows and lashes

  • What’s a new addition you have made to your skincare routine? How are you finding it?

Bifida Serum is my newest addition and so far so good, I like how supple my skin feels afterwards. This in combination with the Vitamin C Serum has made my skin look brighter.

  • How often do you mask?

Two or three times a week

  • Sheet or Clay Masks?

Clay masks

  • What’s your favourite mask(s) to use? Why?

Freeman’s Brightening peel off gel mask, infused with green tea and orange blossom, I love how moisturized my skin is afterwards, I do feel brighter over the time I’ve used it. Or an Aztec clay mask mixed with turmeric, this masks makes my skin feel extra clean, and it minimizes my pores

  • What’s your superhero skincare product? The product you cannot live without

Hmm... I’m torn between aloe vera gel and tea tree oil. I love them both!