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#QT- Chisara Duru

Introducing #QTS Campaign 💕✨ I’ve been wanting to do this for so long! #QTS (cuties) is a spotlight series on different people's skincare routine, with different skin issues or concerns. The goal is to highlight the diversity and celebrate everyone's skin, loving the skin you are in.

My first #QT is Chisara Duru. I asked Chisara first week in January to please film her skincare routine for me, [before I even knew what I wanted to do with it] and the next day I had both day and night routines! She's someone I admire a lot, she has such a beautiful soul and it's something that struck me our very first meeting a few years ago. She is strong, super sweet and ridiculously funny!

Similar to many young women, her hormones like to play on her face...we asked her some questions and she gladly obliged

My name is Chisara Duru, I’m Nigerian and German by ethnicity but live in London. I’m in my early 20’s, tbh fast approaching mid-20s and not pleased about it at all.

  • What’s your skin type?

I would say it’s mild combination skin.

  • What are your skin concerns?

I am so light-skinned that I literally get transparent in the winter, which as you know is 3/4s of the year in the UK, I’m pretty hormonal, so it’s hard when what I feel inside shows on the outside and then stubbornly wants to stay! So a big thing for me is fading my dark spots. Fading dark spots and reducing redness is a goal of mine always.

  • Talk us through your skincare routine

Day-time: Kiehl’s is a big part of the whole process.

  • Calendula cleanser and toner

  • Daily reviving concentrate serum

  • Drop of Rosehip oil mixed with vitamin C suspension cream (both from The Ordinary)

...and then if I’m off to work; brush my brows, put some mascara, blush, highlighter and lip-gloss.

During the day, if I need it, my office is quite dry, I use Mario Bodescu’s rosewater to spritz my face.


  • Same cleanser and toner as day-time

  • Midnight recovery concentrate

  • Ultra-facial hydrating cream.

  • How often do you mask?

Lawd, twice a week!

  • Sheet or Clay Masks?

Loool if you are a true skin-enthusiast you know you can’t pick! Deffo clay when I feel my skin is polluted by London and sheet masks when it feels dry – again, London.

  • What’s your favourite mask(s) to use?

Sephora masks are everything to me!

Also, the Kiehl’s Turmeric and Cranberry mask and Glamglow’s charcoal mask. The Garnier moisture bomb sheet mask is surprisingly very good.

  • What’s your superhero skincare product? The product you cannot live without.

You know what, I think of recent it’s Tea Tree Essential Oil (The Bodyshop). My face was inflamed with spots about a month ago, and I’m still recovering. The redness goes down overnight when you put the TTO right after cleansing and toning.

  • What’s the best skincare tip you have been given?

a) Anti-aging isn’t for older women, it’s called anti-aging for a reason.

b) Never forget your neck!

  • What advice will you give someone with your skin type/ with similar skin concerns to you?

Just wash your face and moisturise every morning and night, don’t forget that tea tree oil, and your neck!