Q:Skin Update!

Long time no blogpost! It's been a long long time coming....So much has happened and so much has changed! I'm still struggling to find the balance between my work life and personal life and navigating the reality of it all with my skin and skincare routine.

Due to stress from work and hormones I've been breaking out more often than I usually do and these breakouts have been painful, inflamed and have left scars. Some of these scars have faded and some new scars have made their mark. I've made some changes to my routine, been lazy sometimes and not proud to admit but have picked at a spot or two. In the past 6 months I've dealt with PAINFUL hormonal spots [I do not touch these!], blind pimples, scarring, skin texture issues and bacne. I’m still dealing with some,mainly bacne and residual scarring but my skin has significantly improved! I made some key changes to my skincare products and routine and will be sharing this along with pictures chronicling my *ghost* 6 months.

  • Breakouts, Hormones & Scarring

  • Skin Texture

  • Product changes

  • Skincare routine

Breakouts, Hormones & Scarring Long working hours, lack of sleep, poor diet [not eating enough], not enough water and increasing workload are not exactly remedies for clear healthy glowing skin but a recipe for breakouts! And that's exactly what I've been experiencing. The stress has also been affecting my cycle and making my already sketchy hormone balance tip. As a result I have experienced increased painful blind pimples along my jawline, chin area and upper back, with small little bumps on my forehead from stress. The hormonal acne I find take awhile to go down and most likely, definitely will scar and no spot treatment works for them. Organic tea tree oil however, reduces inflammation and redness. Majority of my scarring [hyperpigmentation] was from those painful hormonal spots. Pixie Glow Tonic & organic Rosehip oil helped fade most of these.

Skin Texture

My skin felt and looked rough especially my nose and the side of my face. I noticed I had tiny little bumps along my cheek, forehead and generally all around my face kind of like heat rash but not. These kind of bumps are called milia and was a result of my overly rich Lancôme Bienfait multi vital night cream. No matter how much I exfoliated(physically twice a week) or switched to chemical exfoliation - Glycolic acid, there was no significant change. So I had to make some product changes based on what my skin was telling me.

Product changes I changed everything. From my face wash down to my Sunscreen. Toners remain the same. I switched from my Aveeno cleanser to Korres Pomegranate soap temporarily to now Arami essentials Onyx polish. From Aveeno clear complexion moisturizer to REN T-Zone balancing gel cream. Lancôme Benfiat multi-vital night cream moisturiser to The Ordinary Rosehip oil to now Korres Wild Rose Moisturiser [day/night]. Heliocare spf 50 [Still love this!] to Supergoop Unseen sunscreen SPF 40. I’m really happy with my current skincare routine and with the product changes I’ve made.

New Skincare routine Daytime- I wash my face with Arami essential Onyx Polish, Tone with Thayers Rose petal with Witch Hazel toner, Origins eye cream, Korres Wild rose moisturiser and Supergoop Unseen sunscreen. Night time- Currently using the same cleanser, eye cream and moisturiser. I alternate my Pixie Glow Tonic.

Skin right now

It's been a long 6 months, I have had some really good skin months and times when my skin has freaked out. Through every phase embrace your skin with TLC, less does more, tea-tree oil is pretty bomb and scars fade with time.