Birthday Skin🎉

For many of us, turning a year older can be super daunting... I usually feel a bit overwhelmed leading up to my birthday and on the day. The attention on the day, pressure of doing something, getting "older" etc but this year, this year is different. I have felt an immense sense of peace, gratitude and self-growth. I feel ready, excited and very optimistic about my new age!✨ I'm still a work in progress but I'm happy with my progress and how far I've come. I'm not perfect, my skin isn't perfect; I have stretch marks, hormonal body acne, acne scars, my thighs do touch and I do sometimes binge on a pizza (skin be damned & tummy too even though I'm lactose intolerant) but I am happy! And Finally comfortable in my own skin!😍

I don't know why this year is different I just know it is I can feel it innately! Getting comfortable in my skin has been and is still a journey! I'm still a 20-something year old battling with hormonal acne, dark spots and body image whilst trying to find my path in life. My motto last year was "Let Go & Let God"✨ which basically means letting go of things I can't control and letting God do his thing on my life. This was hard but was so fulfilling and refreshing I learnt so much and it's stuck with me! I can't control everything about my skin or my body but I can try and improve what I can.

I'm working to improve my hormonal acne, dark spots and body image ; Evening primrose oil daily to balance hormones, Drinking more water, Exfoliating,Moisturizing, eating healthy, working out, listening to my skin and taking time out to be by myself to reflect. I have noticed great improvements in my mood, emotionally, mentally and physically! I love my stretch marks, my burn, my body, my skin flaws and all. I accept my tendency to dark spots (from hormonal body acne) and my occasional breakouts. I am not ashamed by them. Every flaw is beautiful.💖

I'll be sharing skin tips, truths and updates on the blog and on my instagram @q_skin.

Skin is in and I'm comfortable in mine!✨😄✨