Adulting (v): to carry out one or more of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals such as (9-5/6pm job)

Sorry I've been adulting! [This is a valid excuse right?] Feels like I've been away for ages😢 I've missed blogging! I started work a couple weeks ago and it was go go GO right from day one! The first week was tough: waking up at 7am, something I haven't done since primary/senior school! Working from 9am-10pm (on a project), going looong periods without food (forgetting to eat/just not having time to eat) and just being so exhausted! I realised after day one how detrimental 'adulting' could be on my skin and health, if I continued like that! I had to start planning ahead and make some slight adjustments. Thankfully, I had no major breakout, maybe one or two manageable spots but nothing crazy.

I now feel I have my morning [work week] 'adulting' routine down and I'm ready to share! Here are the top 3 things that have helped me bridge the gap from baby girl👧🏽 to baby adult👩🏽:

  1. Beauty Sleep

  2. Easy Peesy Day Routine

  3. Diet

Beauty Sleeeeeeeep💤

If Sleeping was an Olympic sport, I probably would be the reigning champ with strictly only gold medals! I love my sleep! However, I have insomnia tendencies and tend to sleep earliest 3am! I realised this lifestyle was not sustainable especially entering the workforce, even if I was just dipping my toes for 3 months [for now]. Sleep is so important for your health, safety [I drive to work] and skin! I try and go to bed latest at 11pm so I can get a minimum of 8 hour sleep. Getting enough sleep can just be the difference between your next breakout! Not enough? leads to increased stress hormones [Breakouts], aging [wrinkles] and overall less beauty🙅🏽!

Easy Peesy Day Routine🌕

If you follow me on Instagram @q_skin 👈🏼 You would know I was trying out a new morning routine where I only wash my face at night not in the mornings. Instead, I use my Guinot Refreshing Cleansing Milk [to cleanse] and Refreshing Toning Lotion [to tone]. I follow this with my Origins Ginzing refreshing eye cream [Refreshing trend going on😂], Eucerin Smoothing Face Cream 5% Urea and most importantly my Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 gel! I love this routine, it is surprisingly quick and easy. I have definitely seen an improvement, my skin is not as oily,feels softer and more moisturised!


I'm not a morning person. Mainly cause I try not to be awake in the mornings, so eating a full breakfast has never and will probably never be my thing. I can't eat a proper meal before noon without feeling sick. So I like to start my day and my metabolism going with hot water, lemon and ginger. This combo is great at improving digestion, detoxifying the body and hydrating it leading to a clearer complexion [YES!] I pack lunch from home [healthier and cheaper]. After my hot water lemon ginger drink, I take my probiotics and activated charcoal, then eat my fruit bowl at noon and lunch at 3/4pm.

I love love fruits, my favourite [pineapple] just so happens to contain vitamin C a powerful antioxidant that replenishes the skin and produces collagen[=firm & elastic skin]. I'm also chugging 1.5-2L of water a day! [#stayhydrated]

Adulting is hard especially for a Twenteen year old like myself and I am still adjusting.... These 3 things have really helped me in coping with this new phase of my life and keeping my skin clear. I still struggle to sleep early and wake up [alarms have been slept through], I do need to sometimes wash my face in order to wake myself up and I sometimes go way too long without proper food! But I am trying and that's the most important thing! Don't beat yourself up whatever phase of life you're in. All you can do is try/do your best, take care of yourself and your skin!✨✨