Q:Flying With Skincare?

Love traveling but hate your skin after? This ones for you! I'm a frequent flyer, so you'd think my skin would be used to the dry, high altitude, confined airspace of the plane?... not at all!😩

Flying really takes a toll on you and your skin! You can take amazing care of your skin and one 6hr+ flight later, [just one single flight] can leave you wondering what happened! This is where GOOD moisturizing skincare products play a major role! My inflight skincare products are limited, seeing as I'm only allowed a small bag of 100ml & under products. Deciding what to take onboard is pretty hard especially for a product junkie as myself. However, I have managed to narrow down my inflight essentials to:

  • Face wipes

  • Face mist

  • Moisturizing mask

  • Night cream

  • Day cream

  • Hand cream

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Lip balm/gloss

Face Wipes

These are essential! I mean you could wash your face on the plane in the 'lavatory' but I'm a bit OCD about germs on flights and you can't always guarantee the state of the toilet on the plane.

I Use: Bioderma Sensibo H2O Wipes [my holy grail]

Face Mist

I recently added this to my inflight routine, I like using this often during the flight to add moisture to my skin. It's also a great way to refresh my look right before landing.

I Use: Avène travel size Thermal Spring Water

Moisturizing Mask

Wipes are essential but this is crucial. Do NOT try out a new product/mask on a flight. Been there, done that and I can tell you, don't. do. it. I had a bad reaction stuck on a 7 hour flight, it was not fun! Use something your skin is familiar with. Personally I prefer sheet masks on flights, it's less messy and easy to pack.

My last flight I used the Garnier Moisture Bomb mask for dehydrated skin = I was literally glowing and super hydrated upon arrival.

Night Cream

I like to slather on my night cream on top of any leftover serum from the mask or if I forgot to pack my mask I'll use an ample amount & re-apply often to keep my skin moisturized throughout the flight, especially on an overnight one.

I Use: Lancôme Biénfait multi-vital night cream [In travel size container]

Day cream

Should incase I over do applying the night cream and run out or decide to cleanse just before landing. My last trip was to Cape Town, so I definitely needed all the moisture I could get.

I Use: Eucerin 5% Urea face cream [just before landing!]

Hand Cream

I'm obsessed with hand cream! I never leave home without it and flying is no exception.

I Use: Nivea Q-10 hand cream

Hand Sanitizer

If you don't have one, what are you really doing? I use this if I can't be bothered to get up and wash my hands [again], if I've been playing with my hair [habit] or to clean my surroundings [phone, food tray.. etc]

I Use: Walgreens travel size/handbag appropriate one. [Any anti-bacterial one will do]

Lip balm/gloss

Nobody wants cracked lips during the flight, the air in the plane can be super drying and cause cracked dry lips as well as dry skin. Drink lots of water on board, I tend to mainly drink water on flights, and keep my lips moist.

I Use: Caudalíe Lip conditioner lip balm

Sometimes I like to add a little pep to my step upon arrival, so I like to have a lip gloss available.

I Use: Fenty Gloss Bomb [obsessed]

In addition to my inflight routine, the Two things I do to ensure I'm glowing and breakout free upon arrival are :

1. No makeup.

If I wore makeup, I always take it off before my flight and keep my hands off my face as much as possible.

2. Clean silk [for pillows] and Pashmina [for sleep] scarves

To protect my hair and skin. I like to Cocoon sleep so having my own clean scarf on my face is a must. I also use this to cover my face when they spray the disinfectants as I find I react to it.

Don't be shy wearing that sheet mask on board or slathering yourself in moisturizer, your skin will thank you!