Q:How Do I Minimize Breakouts During My Period?

I wish I could say I don't breakout during my period but I do! Hormonal Acne is one of my prominent skin issues but it is manageable! I recently decided to stop taking my pill, for no major reason just felt like it. I had a really irregular cycle and really painful cramps. The pill regulated my cycle, no cramps and actually helped limit my breakouts[bonus]! As you can imagine, stopping this has reeked havoc on my skin [breaking out a lot more] and moods[=grumpy]. According to face mapping [see my post here] my hormonal acne should occur around my jaw/chin area. For me I've discovered that yes I do get maybe a couple [barely noticeable]white heads on my chin, my hormonal acne breakouts manifest elsewhere. Pre-existing under the skin spots seem to surface aggressively and body acne on my upper back [shoulder area]! 😳

I try to eat healthy, workout frequently and stick to my skincare routine religiously always. However, Leading up to my period and during it especially, I do these 6 things which really help alleviate my PMS symptoms and minimize my hormonal breakout.

  1. Water

  2. Dairy-Free

  3. Fresh fruits & Vegetables

  4. No new products

  5. Evening Primrose oil

  6. Frequent Workouts

Water 💦 💦 We all know water is the truth. I'll usually up my water intake now for various reasons, to keep me full, away from constantly eating, hydrated and keep my skin clear and clean!

No Dairy 🚫🍨🍕 From my last post you know how inflammatory dairy is for acne. I'm lactose intolerant so I really shouldn't be eating any dairy, sometimes I indulge in my craving of coffee ice cream/pizza. However, leading up to my period or during it I'm super strict when it comes to this! My hormones are already in overdrive I don't want to send them over the edge, aggravate/feed any hormonal acne or suffer from any painful lactose intolerance symptom, my body is already going through a lot!

Fresh fruits & Vegetables 🍉 Constant in my diet period or not. I love fruits and Vegetables! During this period [ha pun intended] I up my fruit and veg intake, opting for fruit bowls, green smoothies and fresh juices. They help curb my sweet cravings. Spinach/kale are great for iron, which during this time is very important to have [blood] It's also great for healthy glowing skin. By eating healthy I'm eliminating a breakout caused by an unhealthy high in sugar,fats etc diet in addition to a hormonal breakout.

No new products 🚫 This is important! I've noticed that the week before my period and during it, my skin is particularly sensitive. Therefore, trying a new product during this time is a big no no! I stick to what I know and what my skin is familiar with. This is no time to slack with taking off make-up, if I feel that extra step in my routine is going to be too tasking later, I skip out on wearing makeup completely.

Evening primrose oil💊 Honestly I should be drinking this everyday, I got the wrong dosage meaning I have to take it thrice a day instead of just once to get the daily dose of 1000mg. When I'm consistent I definitely notice a huge improvements in my mood, hormonal body acne, skin and my other PMS symptoms. It definitely helps balance my hormones.

Frequent workouts I know this seems weird, but honestly making sure I'm working out frequently and consistently helps keep my skin clear, my mind sane and brightens my mood! Always shower after my workouts but if I have stuff to do immediately after, I'll wash my face and wipe my body [back,neck,arms & pits] with my face wipes.

These are the main things I do, alongside clean hygiene [essential always] for body and face. Getting enough sleep is also important now but I find my insomnia worsens and my sleep is interrupted during this time of the month. I still get some breakouts during my period, because hormones do as they please, but doing these 6 things really alleviate my PMS symptoms, my mood and makes a huge difference in my skin! I hope this helps 😊