Q:Skin first, Make-up second?

It's true skin does come first, clear glowing healthy skin is the BEST base you can have for your makeup.

I'm not a make up pro, I subscribe to the less is more aspect of it personally. Don't get me wrong I love Make-up and admire people who do full glam, I just personally can't seem to achieve it myself. A good friend of mine explained this too me when I wishfully complimented her amazing makeup skills, she said to me "You do your makeup how you like to see yourself" and it really made so much sense to me!

Being a skin fanatic I love to see my skin, so I tend to lean more towards tinted moisturizers than foundation, gold or warm neutral shades for my eyes, shimmering blush for a healthy glow and gloss on my lips [@q_skin 👀 to see my typical makeup look]

I have a couple of essentials when it comes to make up:


The purpose of a primer is to create a smooth base for your foundation/tinted moisturizer making it last all day/night. Primers can also combat shine [if oily], shimmer [for glow] or colour correct. Until recently I never quite felt this step actually worked. This NARS Pore & Shine control primer is a game changer for me, I can definitely see the difference in my shine when I use this and in my makeup staying power, especially in combination with the Setting spray.

Tinted Moisturizer

Usually still under the 'skincare' section of your favourite beauty brands, Tinted Moisturizer seeks to enhance your skin not hide it, giving a more natural complexion and glow.

I bought my very first Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer at 16.... half a decade later I'm still buying and I don't intend to stop.😍

I LOVE IT! It literally feels like second skin, blends beautifully, super lightweight [sheer finish], has broad spectrum SPF 20 and oil free!


Would you believe me if I told you I only started using concealer last year? Now I can't imagine life without it!

dark circles? conceal. Spot? CONCEAL. Obsessed with my NARS creamy concealer.. I probably use this more often than my tinted moisturizer, under eyes, any dark spots and sides of nose. I get coverage where I need and my skin can breath.


I have naturally thick brows, not thick hairs but a thick brow shape with fine dark hairs. I like to pencil in for a darker look and powder for a thicker appearance. I whip out the eyebrow gel when my brows have not been tamed in a while [like now]. I do not play with my brows, I thread ONLY and I'm going to need to see your Brow CV with refrences before I let you touch mine!🙅🏽

Blush & Highlight

No such thing as too much glow! I use blush AND highlighter, I love to shimmer!✨ Orgasm has a natural shimmer to it so if im on the go I will throw it in my bag and get the effect of both. Ambering rose is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. Blush literally can take you from bleh to bam! It really adds a healthy glow to your face.


Having a really glossy moment, I like the fresh, youthful, minimal and plump lip look it gives. I do love a great vibrant lipstick, orange, fuschia, red...etc are my go-to for when I want a bold look.💋💄

Ready, Set...

I appreciate the dewy-shiny glow so I hardly ever set with powder. However, I am currently living in a hot country and need to set my face so I don't look like a melted magnum on a sunny day. Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray=AMAZING!

When it comes to makeup knowing your facial features, skin type and how YOU like to see yourself is so important! So is taking it ALL OFF at the end of the day✨