Q:Is Your Diet Causing Your Breakout?

We are what we eat right? A healthy balanced diet is key to a healthy mind, body and skin.

This 2018 one of my 'New Year, Better me' modifications [Like so many] is to be more conscious what I put into my body, that includes my diet and vitamins! Not only is a healthy diet essential for a healthy body it is also essential for clear healthy glowing skin! 

Our diet impacts our skin either for better or worse! You can have tons of facials, use all sorts of products, 3-step acne treatments but if your diet is poor so will your skin.

Are you breaking out constantly yet your skincare routine is impeccable.... What you're eating could be causing/increasing your breakout.

Listen to your body and your skin.

I'm a firm believer that everything, especially when it comes to food [Naughty foods] should be eaten in moderation. The reality is I have an extra sweet tooth and cutting ALL sweets/sugar out of my diet completely is just quite impossible really.

So here are a couple of things you should "moderate" for clearer skin :

  • Sugar

  • Caffeine

  • Dairy

  • Junk Food

  • Alcohol

Sugar 🍭

 I  definitely struggle with this one, especially leading up to my period when I crave candy, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and chocolates.

  • A high-sugar diet [👆🏽] causes your blood sugar to spike causing an increased sebum [Oil] production.

  • Constantly going overboard with sugar in your diet can damage the skin's collagen and elastin leading to premature aging [wrinkles & sagging]  

For someone with naturally oily skin/oily t-zone [Me🙋🏽] this could mean more breakouts. 

Fruits are a great alternative. Recently I've been curbing my sugar cravings by eating a piece of fruit/fruit bowl or having some frozen berries.


  • Caffeine is very acidic and just like sugar it causes an increased sebum production i.e More oil=Clogged pores=More breakouts.

  • It is also a diuretic, drinking too much coffee/caffeine can actually dehydrate your skin!

I understand that caffeine in the morning or mid-day can make you feel more alive less walking dead, but it could also be what's causing/increasing your breakout/dry skin.

Try switching to Organic Green tea, for that extra pep in your step and glow in your skin.


Ahh the major bad skin/breakout/Acne instigator! If ever there was something to cut from your diet, it's this! Dairy comes in different forms with milk being the foundation.  Your love for Ice cream, Cheese, Cream [cooking/whipped/clotted] etc could be making your acne worse.

  • Dairy contains a growth hormone which can make your spots bigger [more inflamed] 😳

  • High in sugar so causes the overproduction of sebum leading to clogged pores therefore, more acne!

Try being dairy-free, rice milk, nut milk [coconut,hazelnut,cashew nut, tiger nut,almond] are great alternatives. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk is my milk of preference.

Junk Food🍟

Fried greasy processed foods, yes that includes Big Mac's,Pizza, Chips, Crisps, Pot noodles [yes,indomie] ,Bacon etc could be making your acne worse or causing your breakout!

  • The processed carbohydrates in junk food convert to sugar and cause acne.

  • The high sodium [Salt] levels in junk food can aggravate pre-existing acne and cause bloating/ water retention [Bad combo] 😳

Try eating healthier, home cooked meals with fresh ingredients and limiting your junk food intake to only special occasions/treats [Once in a full moon]


Too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

  • Overdoing the booze can seriously dehydrate your skin.

This is why after all the christmas holiday boozing your skin was probably feeling super dry, dehydrated and dull.

A lot of people after such a boozy holiday usually do a detox or dry month i.e No Alcohol [cutting down how much you drink will help]

 We all spend so much buying products & doing treatments to improve our skin, yet forget that what we eat affects our skin too! Acne is an inflammatory skin condition, eating certain foods can make it worse! Nuts as well can be a trigger for your breakouts, watch how your skin reacts when you eat these.

You don't have to STOP eating anything [Unless you want/need to]. Cut down on sugar, caffeine, alcohol and minimise your dairy, junk food intake for glowy clear skin.🌟