Q:Skincare Routine?

Consistency is key when it comes to your skin, but so is trial and error. If you never try how will you know what works?

I first became conscious of my skincare routine during my puberty acne breakout, using the full range of Proactiv solution 3-step system and later Clinique's Anti-Blemish solution 3-step system. I definitely saw a significant improvement in my skin using the full range and it instilled the patience and importance of routine. Eventually, as my skin cleared up, using these products became unnecessary. I slowly transitioned out of using these rigid 3-step systems into a more flexible routine, dabbling to other brands and products in accordance to my skins needs. As much as I love to try new products, brands or DIY skincare [I do a ton of research before I try] I'm very faithful and loyal with my routine. Having a good skincare routine is essential to having clear glowing healthy skin!

Skincare Routine


  1. Cleanse

  2. Tone

  3. Eye Cream

  4. Moisturize

  5. SPF


  1. Remove Make-up

  2. Cleanse

  3. Tone

  4. Serum

  5. Eye Cream

  6. Moisturize

  7. Spot treatment


  • Mask {once or twice}

  • Exfoliate {once or twice}

  • Clean Make-up brushes {once}

There are sooo many products out there from so many different brands from different countries even continents. Finding products that work for you and your skin can be very frustrating/daunting.

When choosing products:

  • Knowing your skin type

  • Identifying your skin issues

  • Listening to your skin [Yes, again]

  • And finally the 3 R's [Research/Reviews/Referrals]

help tremendously!

These four things narrow down the products that will benefit your skin and get you that clear glowing healthy skin you want!

Here are the [Current] products I use in my routine:


  1. Aveeno Clear complexion cleansing bar[ I think this may be discontinued]/Foaming cleanser

Helps prevent and clears blemishes without drying skin

  1. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying lotion Great for preventing breakout

  2. Origins Ginzing Eye Cream Brightens and de-puffs [makes you look human again]

  3. Aveeno Clear complexion daily moisturizer Keeps my skin clear

  4. Heliocare advanced SPF 50 Gel Best SPF. Perfect for normal and oily skin. NO White cast effect!


  1. Bioderma Sensibo H2O [wipes when Lazy]/Sephora Triple action cleansing water [Both Miceller water] Efficiently & gently remove make up

  2. My Aveeno Cleanser ^

  3. My Clinique Toner ^

  4. Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector ['Please Mum' product (Pmp)] Worked in the past to clear my dark spots, trying it again

  5. Natural Vitamin E-Oil Natural anti-aging product, prevents & minimise wrinkles

  6. Lancôme Biénfait Multi-Vital Night cream [Pmp] So moisturizing, skin is literally so soft supple and glowing every morning no matter the skintuation.

  7. Benzac AC (5%) Gel still using this, will do a review on it soon.


  • I honestly have soo many masks. I'm a sheet mask hoarder [The packagings are so pretty😍] and avid D-i-Y masker. I asses my skin and decide which mask my skin needs! My go-to mask right now is Orgins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask [Breakout/clearing pores] and My D-i-Y Tumeric Mask [*Forever Fave* Leaves your skin GLOW-ING]

  • Bioderma Sébium Exfoliating gel Actually does what it says it would do.. [still trying but loving]

  • Sephora Purifying Brush shampoo Ant-bacterial formula so thoroughly cleans the brushes to prevent product build-up and breakouts!

Our skin, just like us, is always evolving and changing. Skincare routine is no different. I am constantly trying [& buying!.. It's an addiction] new products, mixing and matching, listening to my skin and observing how it reacts! I try to limit my trial of products to just one in a 2-monthly cycle [8 weeks] and if if I'm trialling more than one they have to compliment each other [same brand/range].

I'm a bit [understatement] of a product junkie, over the holidays I had the opportunity to visit my favourite 'plug' [Sephora] to get a much needed fix for my addiction! I went a bit [another understatement] crazy. It was not the biggest Sephora [Dubai Mall] and they didn't have some products I've been dying to try [namelyThe Ordinary] but I'm pretty sure I bought all that they had in store! I have soo many new products to try and incorporate into my skincare routine and some products I'm currently using I need to re-evaluate. Subscribe and Follow to keep up-to-dat! :) I'll be sharing the whole process and journey on here and on my instagram >>@q_skin<<