Map that Break-out

Breaking out and don't know why? Try mapping it out...

It is really important when a breakout occurs to know WHY you are breaking out, there is always always a reason. When you know the source you can treat it specifically. Acne/breakouts/occasional spots/blemishes, whatever you want to call them, affect soo many people in the world and leave us feeling sad and unhappy with our appearance! 

I recently posted on my Instagram page >>>@q_skin <<< about my current skin-tuation. I am currently battling a breakout🙁 I have an oily t-zone so I tend to breakout there mostly. A couple of years ago during a particularly horrendous breakout I started researching what could be the cause of Acne ONLY on the t-zone area and thats when I came across Face mapping!

Face mapping is an ancient Chinese medicine method used to analyse the reflection of what is going on in our body [Organ functions] through different parts of our face. The image above shows an evolved [Simplified] version of this. If you are constantly breaking out in the same places or breaking out somewhere you normally don't, face mapping may shed light as to why.

There are 5 main reasons you could be breaking out:

  1. Stress

  2. Diet [liver&digestion]

  3. Hygiene

  4. Puberty 

  5. Hormones [Girls, time of the month] 


A2 [A-levels] was honestly the worst year of my life. I have never been that stressed emotionally, mentally and physically, and my skin definitely reflected it. I had huge, painful and inflamed red pimples all over my forehead/T-zone area. When stressed you are already under immense pressure and a breakout may just push you over the edge. Especially in the MOST obvious [can't hide] place on your face= your FOREHEAD. 🤦🏽‍♀️

If the reason for your breakout is stress, the best way to treat your breakout is to find ways to de-stress. Eliminating stress, especially if that stress is SCHOOL is almost impossible to do I know, but try making time for Yourself. Light some aromatherapy candles, have relaxing baths, go for a run, hit the gym [or try a combative sport like boxing], sleep earlier, book a pampering spa day(s) or  just doing anything that calms you works as a great de-stresser.


We have all heard the saying "You are what you eat" and when it comes to skin? It. still. applies [see Face map ^] Diet affects the condition of our skin sort of like a marriage, for better or worse. Eat clean healthy and nutritious both your skin and body will thank you. Eating McDonalds everyday [don't play yourself getting the salad either] will not clear your skin!

Went home this christmas holiday? And you just could not say no to anything [cakes,sweets,pastry, pizza, ice cream..etc]? Not to mention enough booze to swim olympic laps in? *Raises hand!* 🙋🏽Diets high in fat, sugar and alcohol can be the cause of your breakout. If you drank way too much this holiday [I] and breaking out on your forehead mainly [also I ], your liver is most likely working triple shifts to get rid of all those toxins from the alcohol, hence your breakout. Breaking out mainly between your brows/Jaw? That's all that cake, sweets, pizza...etc  you could not say no to. 

If your diet is the reason for your breakout, cut back on alcohol, fatty greasy foods and processed sugar to see your skin improve.


This one goes without saying. Dirty pillows, grubby phones, excessive face touching and sleeping with make up on all cause breakouts! Wash your pillow cases regularly, clean your phone with antiseptic wipes, DON'T touch your face unless your hands are clean [Don't pick spots, can cause dirt to enter leading to an inflamed angry infected spot] and always take your make up off before bed!


If you are going through puberty and that is the cause of your breakout, stay strong there is light at the end of the tunnel! Puberty Acne is awful, your body is changing, your hormones are all over the place and to top it off you're breaking out. Make sure you keep your skin clean, DO NOT PICK, try an acne treatment programme [I used Pro-Activ, it worked for me] and remember it is temporary.


Just like Puberty breakouts, hormone breakouts are out of our control. They come and they go. They usually pop up towards the time of the month on your chin, jaw and neck. If you get hormonal breakouts, try and pay extra attention to your skin care routine leading up to when you get them and hands off your face, don't aggravate it anymore. Also, Evening Primrose Oil is great for regulating your hormone levels and treating hormonal acne.

Face mapping is great for understanding your breakout, it offers a visual dialogue from body to skin to you! Try mapping your breakout today!