D-I-Y Turmeric Mask

PSA: May stain clothes, be careful!

I love a good DIY! Especially using natures best, things easily found in your kitchen, nearest supermarket or even your garden! They are so simple yet SO beneficial to your skin. Masks are such a great way to unwind. Put away your phone, light some candles/ get in the bath [or both], play soothing music, slap mask ON and just RELAX.... You'll do your body, mind and skin a ton of good whilst just simply pampering yourself.

I adore facials. I highly recommend them, they played a huge role in clearing up my acne and maintaining my skin's clarity/health. Facials are definitely a luxury, they can be expensive and sometimes the way my account is set up.... Can not happen. This is where my Turmeric mask comes in! A 99% discount or even free if you have all the ingredients. Each ingredient plays [multiple] beneficial roles for the skin and are intentionally chosen for it. This mask was born in the middle of dehydrated, breakout, dull tired skin, google and self experimentation...

Q's Tumeric Mask

Enough for 3 faces.


1 Teaspoon Turmeric

1 Teaspoon Raw organic Honey [Any pure honey will do]

1 Teaspoon Milk/Yoghurt [I prefer Yoghurt]

1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon

A little squeeze of Lemon Juice


  • Put the Turmeric in a small bowl

  • Add the honey [DIY Mask Staple]

  • Add Milk/Yoghurt, you can adjust the amount so you get a more paste like consistency. You do not want it to be too drippy, it needs to stay on your face!

  • Add the Cinnamon and squeeze a little lemon juice in.

Skin Prep & Application:

  • Cleanse any makeup off, you need a clean slate for this mask.

  • Make sure all your hair is off your face.

  • Wear something old, unloved and you are not attached to [Perhaps an ex's fave tee?]

  • Apply mask with hands [Caution: STAINS] or with a clean old foundation brush [... the ones before beauty blenders]

  • Most important: RELAX!

The mask is done when It is all dry, roughly 15 mins...

This is great for acne prone, dry, dull skin of any age!

Turmeric spice, honey, lemon and cinnamon spice are all great anti-oxidant [protects from oxidation]. This is great for slowing aging down by producing collagen [reduces wrinkles].Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory[reduces inflammation] source, therefore calming redness and any inflammation you have. It helps revive dull skin revealing glowing skin naturally [lightens dark circles and dark spots].

Honey is a staple in many DIY face masks and scrubs for a reason! Raw honey is the best! Its a great antibacterial agent, making it a great treatment and prevention for acne. Honey is also extremely moisturising and very clarifying.

Milk/Yoghurt contain lactic acid [ An Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA's)] it helps reduce acne breakouts, wrinkles and exfoliates. Cinnamon spice, like honey, is an anti-bacterial agent that treats acne and improves the complexion whilst also reducing wrinkles and exfoliating the skin.

Lemon, another anti-bacterial agent, helps treat acne by fading blackheads/scars. Rich in vitamin C making it great for naturally brightening skin [sans bleaching], as well as reducing shine.

This mask is GREAT! [If I say so myself :) ] Perfect for any and every occasion, easy to do yourself and covers every skin concern!

  • Treats acne

  • Reduces acne scarring

  • Reduce oiliness

  • Reduces wrinkles

  • Brightens skin

  • Treats pigmentation

Don't have the money for a facial? or have a special event coming up? Try this mask! It really works and leaves skin GLOWING!