Often neglected, abused and under appreciated.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, functioning in many amazing ways we often take for granted. We often treat it harshly or not at all! Treating your skin with tender, love and care should be fun, simple and relaxing.

I admit I am a Skin care product Junkie, lip balm terminator and former acne haver/recovering pimple popper. Some may say I am skin obsessed [First thing I notice when I meet people], I prefer skin passionate.

My teenage years, when my hormones went from 0-100 so did my normally clear skin to spotty spotty. Acne. I tried everything; washing my face multiple times a day, tea tree oil, [heavily perfumed] masks and scrubs... nothing worked. Until Proactiv 3-step system, I got the full set;

Proactiv 3-step system

Renewing cleanser, Revitalising toner and repairing toner. AMAZING results.

I no longer had Teenage acne but was left with dark spots from my bad habit of picking my spots in combination with my easy to scar face. Concealer was not a word in my vocabulary at the time, but Clinique was. The Even Better Clinical Dark spot corrector changed my life and still occasionally does.

Through my Teen acne experience I learnt so much about my skin, developed a lifelong routine as a result and a real passion for skincare. I have moved on from Proactiv, I do still however get occasional breakouts from time to time. My routine is constantly evolving and changing. My skin is mostly clear and when the occasional breakout does occur or my skin is just acting up I can usually tell why, what the problem is and solutions. I am able to do this because of THREE Key things:

1) Being Body aware

2) Knowing My skin type

3) Listening to My skin

[Drinking lots of water (1Ltr at least) is also very key and preached covertly by almost everyone but in reality unless you are consciously actively trying to drink that amount, you most likely are drinking less]

Being Body aware

Put simply, knowing what is going on in your body. This includes what you put into your body [diet/vitamins], Hormones [ Cycle], mood [stress/unhappiness etc] and what you put on your skin [Skin allergies/harsh chemicals]

Knowing My skin type(s)

There are different skin types:

- Dry



-Oily/Acne prone


Very rarely does a person fit solely in one of those skin types, most if not all are a combination of two or more [hence the skin type "combination"], knowing what type(s) of skin you have is crucial to knowing what products to use and what to avoid! For the longest time I thought my skin was oily and used products specifically for oily skin. However, I have realised I have an oily t-zone, sometimes dry cheek area and normal everywhere else.

Listening to My skin

Now this is where the two key things meet. Being body aware and knowing your skin type helps significantly in hearing what your skin is telling you!

Example: Christmas period, More alcohol is being consumed and less water. So probably dehydrated and liver is working harder. If your t-zone is oily expect extra oiliness and blemishes, oil glands in the skin overproduce oils and sebum to overcompensate for the lack of hydration, blocking pores and causing spots.

Listening to your skin in this instance involves, increasing your water intake, reducing alcohol and getting hydration back into your skin through masks, treatments and moisturisers.

The importance of good skincare, be it routine, habits, issues or products can sometimes be overlooked. Qskin is born from a real passion for skin and natural beauty. In a world where fair skin=youthfulness/beauty, with Qskin I hope to debunk this ridiculous analogy, help people embrace their skin flaws and all and empower everyone irrespective of race,gender,sexuality to feel beautiful in their naked skin.